CIHEAM organised the first meeting of its thirteen member countries’ ministers of agriculture in 1999.

The aim was to establish a dialogue between Mediterranean countries on agricultural and rural issues and enable them to agree on a common approach to them. 

These biennial ministerial meetings provide an opportunity for discussion on agricultural, food and rural issues in the Mediterranean area.

The strategic dimension of these meetings is enhanced by the participation of the major international organisation active in the region.




The 11th meeting of the Ministers of Agriculture of CIHEAM’s member states will take place in Tirana (Albania) the 22 of September 2016. 

The meeting shall pursue two objectives: 

  • An exchange of views on migrations from the point of view of agricultural development and food security as against the specific Mediterranean challenges.

The current crisis of refugees, whose effects are hard to be fully estimated, is forcing us to consider the root causes of migrations and future trends in order to identify possible solutions from the point of view of agricultural and rural development and food security in the Mediterranean area. 

  • The presentation of the CIHEAM Strategic Agenda 2025, identifying the Organization’s cooperation mission in the Mediterranean area around 4 pillars, divided in 15 thematic priorities. This Agenda aims at prioritizing the CIHEAM activities facing the current regional challenges, identifying the Mediterranean dimension of the Post-2015 Global Agenda, promoting the mobilization of complementary funding sources to conduct cooperation, and strengthening institutional synergies for the Mediterranean